Clients: Various Members of the Petroleum Industry

The West Dock Causeway is the marine transportation center for petroleum activities on Alaska's North Slope. The initial segment was constructed as a dock in 1974-75, followed by extensions in 1976-77 and 1981, the addition of a seawater intake structure in 1983, and the installation of an oil production facility in 1991. Much of the causeway is protected by sacrificial beaches, but revetments and groins have been added in areas susceptible to accelerated erosion or containing topside facilities of high value. During the early years, Coastal Frontiers personnel provided inspections and maintenance recommendations as well as coastal engineering design support for the Point McIntyre oil production pad. In 2004, Coastal Frontiers was selected to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for inspection, maintenance, and improvement of the various slope protection systems. Since that time, on-going responsibilities have included the following.

Erosion Control Activities

  • Annual break-up and freeze-up inspections

  • Annual transect surveys to quantify changes in side slopes

  • Recommendations for replenishment of sacrificial gravel beaches

  • Recommendations for maintenance and improvement of groins and revetments

  • Construction advisory for all maintenance and improvement work

  • Semi-annual presentations to owners and regulatory agencies