Clients: Various Members of the Petroleum Industry

During each open-water season from 1995 to the present, Coastal Frontiers has performed detailed sea floor surveys to obtain bathymetric, ice gouge, and strudel scour data to support the design and performance monitoring of the three subsea production flowlines in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea.

Primary Instrumentation

  • Multi-beam sonar to acquire comprehensive bathymetric data

  • Single-beam sonar for bathymetric data collection in shallow waters

  • Side scan sonar to locate ice gouges, strudel scours, and hard bottom (boulder patch) habitats

  • Diving and remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) operations to acquire “ground truth” information for calibration and verification of the side scan sonar data

  • Sub-bottom profilers and magnetometers to locate potential impediments to production flowline installation

Published Papers