Clients: Various Members of the Petroleum Industry

Coastal Frontiers personnel have conducted comprehensive inspections of the slope protection systems on nearly all exploratory islands and offshore production facilities in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea, including:

  • Endeavor Island

  • Northstar Exploration Island

  • No Name Island Pad

  • Alaska Island Pad

  • Niakuk Drill Pad

  • F Pad

  • West Dock Causeway

  • Northwest Milne Island

  • Resolution Island

  • Mukluk Island

  • Sag III Island

  • Seal Island

  • Tern Island

  • Northstar Production Island

  • Oooguruk Production Island

  • Nikaitchuq Production Island

Monitoring and Maintenance Services

  • Aerial, ground, and underwater photography

  • Slope profile surveys (above- and below-water)

  • SCUBA diving reconnaissance

  • Assessment of slope armor damage

  • Maintenance recommendations

  • Construction advisory during maintenance activities